11/19/2017 ST Announcments

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11/19/2017 ST Announcments

Post by ST: Kat on Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:51 pm

:ST1: Hay' ya everyone ST Kat here.
I just want to say a hello to everyone and Welcome Back to the site.
We are about to start Night 8 of our adventures in the Kingdome of Ebon.
Sadly, this month I won't be around much.
November and December are very busy months for me, so i'm going to turn over majority of the Storytelling to our site's 2nd ST, Lo Pat
So if anyone has any questions please feel free to PM him.
See ya guys soon...
- ST: Kat
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:rainboworb: Holiday In-Game Presents are on their way...
ST: Kat
ST: Kat

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