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Post by The Dice God on Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:56 am

This game is a primarily VTM game with other WoD elements added in.
The focus of this game is Drama, Action Adventure and macabre horror. 
Crossovers, hybrids & abomination welcome. (PM the StoryTeller with your ideas)
You are also welcome to join the game at any time, even if its briefly .. Will work around players posting schedules. 

Please read House Rules & Setting info... 
House Rules Da_1ho10
----- HOUSE RULES & INFO----
This game is open to anyone, and anyone my join in at any time (just PM me)
  1) The StoryTeller does not kill players.(punishment for stupid actions is always more fun) if a character is going to die, the ST and the Player must agree on its Death.
  2) My rules on player vs. player death? ..
Usually frowned upon, but since some of the players will be on other sides and conflicts of interest . (Infighting & conflict is fine, but please lets 'trying' to kill each other unless ST approved.)
Exclamation Death EXP will be giving out + specials for your next character.
tombstone  Also NO PC IN MY GAME EVER REALLY DIES, even after Diablerie...
Why you might ask?... F*ck you im the ST that's why.
Once your Character is "DEAD'' you will get a chance to redeem him in the Shadow Lands and Plead with Sir Death for a chance to come back.
or fall to Oblivion ....  :spook:
Ok, but really....
Reason 1) I take a 'lot' of time building the story around characters, so when they die it can be detrimental to some story plot points...
Reason 2) I have had players Rage Quite when their Character dies...
i would like to avoid this. I like to think i run a fun and intricate game.
Now this is not to say that you will simply be ''respawned'', you will have to earn your way back from the Shadow Lands once you die for the 1st time.
and Reincarnation usually ONLY happens once.

  3) Try to work as a team!
If in a group... Don't split the party… this is bad for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which is that group quests will often be at an elevated difficulty which no one player could handle alone. Remember there is strength in numbers.

  4) All Willpower will be regained at the end of each night ‘IF’ certain criterias  are met.
• restful nights sleep in a safe environment (such as permanent haven, temp havens do not apply)
• Going to sleep early or performing a successful meditation roll before sleep. (Rolls results apply)
•  Not engaging in daytime activities
•  Not being dreamscaped
•  Not waking up in danger
     ***( The reason for this rule is due to some powers requiring willpower points alone to activate (ie. Chimerstry,  Thaumaturgy, etc.) This by no means should be taken as a green light for players to spend their willpower points frivolously as full recovery of lost willpower will not be possible every night and some nights may be more difficult than others.

  5) a Helper NPC will be given to help the players out & guide the story. This NPC can be trusted,(unlike most NPCs) but if it dies or you choose not to involve it in your story, it can not help you. This NPC is NOT a Shield to stand behind, and is NOT a Macguffin that can fix any mess you make for yourself.
  6) All antags can be flipped into Allies & All allies can be flipped into antags depending on your interaction with them.
  7) this is primarily a VTM game, with aspects of VTR,CTL,CTD,WTA,MTA,WTO and other WoD mixed in. (Loosely) Using old system rules and stats.
If players want to run anything besides Vampire character or a hybrid, send me a PM and we will make it work. I have at my disposal many crossover books by white wolf. And have integrated such characters many times before. Keep in mind that this is primarily a Vampire game, but Abominations & Hybrids are welcome.

  8 ) I'm not a rule natzi, I use the books as a main focus point for rules & system, but if you can argue with me on how something makes sense other than the ways it is written in the books I'm willing to hear you out. But remember over all the ST has final say. Also Remember the Golden Rule!

House Rules _2016111

 9)  have fun, if you are not having fun why play. As a Storyteller I try to tell a compelling story using visual aids to make an immersive world to play in. My responses will usually be very descriptive and long (sometimes too long) LoL 
Not all battle need be won in combat.

-----DAMAGE SYSTEM -----
Vampire: When your character fills up all their health boxes with bashing they must begin rolling stamina to resist unconsciousness and all damage taken until healing is considered lethal at this point. When you fill up with Lethal you fall into torpor and any further damage taken is considered agro. When filled up with agro you reach Final Death. 
(Keep in mind I do not kill characters, so death is never final Happy )
All Healing is done as a reflexive action as stated in the VTM core book.

Vampire: -Normal healing---
1 bp heals 2 bashing
1 bp heals 1 Lethal 
5 bp heal 1 Agro (Only 1 point of aggravated damage may be healed per night and only through a full day of undisturbed rest in a safe haven. By spending a point of willpower a vampire may heal 2 points of aggravated damage by resting but only if the necessary blood is spent, 10 points of blood in total.)

Changeling: -house rules-
Heal as humans, or use Glamour to heal as vampires. Use Goblin fruit to downgrade Agro and help heal lethal 

Goblin Fruit : (only works on changelings)
1 goblin fruit recovers 1 health box along with its unique effects.

Werewolf / Fera:
1 bashing heals every turn
1 lethal heals every 15 min 
Agro normal x2 (half week)
 (gifts & Gnosis can be used to heal)

Ghost/ Spirits/ Wraith:
normal healing applies, essence can be used to heal. 

normal healing, or use Life magic or Mana to heal and downgrade. 

Humans:  - healing normal-
1 bashing heals every 15 min
1 lethal heals every 2 days
1 agro heals every week
(Some agro can not be healed)
** ghouls may use Vitae to heal.

Celerity: may only be activated once per turn, and if the target also has celerity (equal or more) dodge and counter rules apply for that turn, unless under sneak attack or flanking. 
Celerity may also be used to jump ahead 1 turn  to the top of a initiative roster.

Jericho has Celerity 3 and his Baali Opponent  has Celerity 1,
(3-1=2)  Jericho can use Celerity to attack twice in the same turn.

Marcus has Celerity 2 and is facing a enemy with Celerity 2 
(2-2=0) Marcus may only take his normal action for this turn, the vitae spent for activating Celerity is wasted on the attack.


Spirit Possession: always contested, resisted with Willpower vs. the Possession roll. If resistance fails the possessed may attempt to expel the possessing spirit after the time allotted by the successes on the initial possession roll has passed by succeeding at a willpower roll. During possession the spirit is in complete control of the possessed but the possessed may resist this control on a per action basis by rolling the highest of willpower or morality against the successes on the spirits initial possession roll. A botch on this resistance roll delays any further resistance rolls for the scene. Two botched resistance rolls in a night delays further resistance rolls until the next night.
Difficulty of posession is the targets Willpower.
Roll results determine how long you are under the spirit's influence for.

1 Success = 1 Night
2 Success = 2 Nights
3 Success = 1 Week 
4 Success = 1 Month
5 Success = 3 Months +

---- DRUGS & ALCOHOL----
All are allowed and can be imbibed in. 
If drugs are abused, addiction rules apply.
Rules are as follows: 
Alcohol: subtract 1 dice from any dexterity, intelligence and wit based roll for everyone drink the character consumes past his stamina. All social rolls gain a +1 (max +3)(Effects last 1hr)

Marijuana: -1 dice to any Dex, Int, Wit,and SC rolls for every ‘hit’ your character takes. (Effects last for 1hr)

Hallucinogens: All dice pools lose 1 to 3 depending on the strength of the drug. Characters will also experience confusion, frightening or enraging  hallucinations, these visual hallucinations may be overcome with intelligence + Streetwise or empathy roll at a -1 or - 3 (difficult 9)

Cocaine: gain +1 to both strength and stamina rolls, although your character may become extremely edgy and paranoid ( -1 tall social roles) (effects last 1hour) 

Opium: pain subsides & wound penalties are ignored , but your character enters a dream-like state. 
Duration: 8 hrs - your character’s stamina.

Normally I don't like to have these played out in a RP. (Takes time away from the story) Though depending on certain circumstances I will ask you to explain how you go about doing this. 
If ‘herd’ comes into play you will have to explain where they are, and how you ‘keep’ them. Same as for retainers & ghouls. People are NOT faceless NPCs and resources in this game. 
****(Retainers & Ghouls)****
Herd and Retainers are NOT simply dots on a character sheet in this game, also (as in any VTM game) treating your ‘herd’ or ‘retainers’ poorly may end up in resulting losing some of them or them acting against you.
Remember they are people. 
If you have ghouls or thralls, rules still apply for them acting against you, even under a blood bond. And “upkeep” always applies.

Unless otherwise stated everyone is on the path of humanity. 
If you wish to run alternate Humanity Path.. please PM me.
[Click Here to View The Path of Humanity]

--- OTHER INFO ---
Banality does not apply in this game and has been substituted. 
Causing Bedlam and disbelief rolls still apply. Lunacy also applies to all non- awakened humans. Changeling’s mask also is considered always active unless the glamour pool is reduced to zero.

Time passes more quickly in this game then in Avalon.  It will be indicated in italics when time changes. 
IE: (current time 3:45 am, Friday) 
---- Vampires: ----
Daytime activity does occur. to stay active during the daytime hours you must spend a 1pt of willpower to stay awake for a scene and all dice pools for your abilities are determined by your Humanity level.
No dice pool may exceed what your Humanity level is. (According to core rules)

Being that changeling is Incorporated  in this vampire game, dreamscaping does occur. during a Dreamscape vampires have full access to all of their abilities regardless of time of day. Though they do not suffer from frenzy or hunger. Any damage that is sustained by a character while in Dreamscape is automatically downgraded.
(IE: if a character takes 1 lethal while in a Dreamscape, the character only suffers, 1 bashing. (Not 2 bashing) also depending on the damage that is sustained during a Dreamscape it might also influence the vampires physical body that is asleep.
( storytellers discretion)

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House Rules Empty Re: House Rules

Post by The Dice God on Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:41 am

_1_  tombstone _1_
 :redorb: Rules for Diablerie - The PC must roll STR (dif 9) as a  extended action for each of the Victim's health boxes not filled with agro. 
:redorb: A failed roll indicates that you are temporarily not able to draw more of the soul out.
:redorb: A botched roll means the soul slips from your grasp and the Diablerie is failing,  a CC roll is needed not to pick up a derangement.
:redorb:  If botched the PC may spend 1 WP to continue until the success are gained or you run out of WP to spend.  but must roll CC for every botch. 
if the CC roll failes, no other CC roll is required for this act. 
:redorb: If the Diablerie is successful, a SC roll is needed after the act at Dif 10- your humanity lvl to not go into a frenzy
:redorb: Degeneration test is required based on what Road you follow.
:redorb: Degeneration tests are not required for members of clan Assamites, or any PC's on a infernal path.
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