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• Experience Points • Anim_a4dedb98-42a9-3094-8d3b-10b6901981fa

• Experience Points • Moon1111 At the End of Each Night Exp Points will be awarded.
• Experience Points • Moon1111Exp points can only be spent at the end of Each Game Night
Exclamation  [Send The ST a PM or Comment under your Experience Tracker in your PF if you wish to spend EXP]
• Experience Points • Moon1111 Check the Announcement Board for the Beginning and End Dates of each nights.
_1_   :GEXP:   _1_
Experience is gained as followed.. (+5 Exp Max a night)
:exp1: :yelloworb:  1 pt for Being Active
(Being Active on the Site,  Playing frequently, more than a few times a month.)
:exp1: :yelloworb:  1 pt for Good Role Playing 
(Engaging in the Story, helping the story progress, & Not giving one-liners!)
:exp1: :yelloworb:  1 pt for overcoming a Tough or Dangerous situations 
(Facing a tough obstacles, Over coming challenges that may lead to death or dismemberment)
:exp1: :yelloworb:   1 pt for Problem Solving 
(Finding a solution to a problem presented to you)
:exp1: :yelloworb: 1 pt  Team Work (with Other PC's)
( Working with the Other PC's to resolve a problem, complete quests / tasks  or overcome tremendous odds)

_1_ :littledeath: _1_

Extra Points 'Might' be given for ....
:exp1: :grayorb: Impressing the ST with good Role Play & Story
(Succeeding at impressive acts within the Game world to further the story)
:exp1: :grayorb: Keeping Notes in your PF
(Notes are a great way to keep track of what's going in the game world, and if your notes are informative, and keep track of things you learn, you 'might' get a extra exp from me)

_1_ :littledeath: _1_

:GEXP: boneLeft Spending Exp
 boneRight • Experience Points • Anim_211
:yelloworb: Exp Can Be Spent at the End of Each Night (Game Nights)
:yelloworb: You can ONLY spend Exp on Attributes, Abilities or Advantages that you have used in game.
:yelloworb: To raise a Attributes, Abilities or Advantages you must use them a min of 5x in Game. (ST will Keep Track of This)

:yelloworb: Exp can not be used to buy backgrounds or merits.
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