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Post by The StoryTeller on Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:54 pm

+ Star Get To Know Your ST :Lgar:

Yes... i am in fact female 
Hay'ya Everyone... I'm Kat.. and i'll be your Story Teller into this Horror Adventure into the World of Darkness.
I started playing VTM back in 1996-1997.. Minds Eye Theater ...
The very 1st Clan i was exposed to was Clan Malkavian.. sired as a childr to my friend at the time who introduced me to the game.... after that 1st taste and i was hooked.
like a ghoul's blood addiction ... I could not get enough of the game...

As the years passed and the White-Wolf Games progressed, with Werewolf, Mage, Changling, and Waith , and even in the later years with the V20 and Vampire the Requiem ... i have always found myself returning to Vampire the Masquerade.
Though Werewolf the Apocalypses will always hold a special place in my heart.
Never talk to me about Werewolf the Forsaken... unless you want to hear me roar into a b!tch-fest.

Anywho... back in 2002 I was forced to pick up the rains of a Story Teller after having to deal with our groups ST constantly flaking and finally rage quieting after a Dark Age Game, Where he tried to force my Character into becoming a Baali Antag and i owned that sh!t, eventually turning the PC's to my side and raging war on the City's Prince. 
Expect the unexpected i say... We won... fun times...
Well once our ST's story started falling apart and he raged quit... the group looked to me to Finish the Story and take over our group.. 
mostly due to the fact i had a passion for the game, always showed up and owned almost all the books. 
Collecting the books is another passion of mine, i have quite a Library on my hands.

So for many years after i held the place as StoryTeller... 
and i love it  :lgar2: love this 
i had characters and campaigns that lasted YEARS! and my close friends still talk about them to this day.. 
Sadly Once i moved away from my RP group in Florida and moved to North Carolina i was not able to find another table top group to play in or ST.... 
and i was in fear of not being able to play anymore...
that is until i found Avalon After Dark. I still play on there to this day..
As of right now i play
• Madison Wolf: Clan Malkavian, she is a radio talk show host and adventuring cryptozoologist. 
• Izaya, Clan Gangrel, he is a century old 12 year old chines boy filled with bloodlust and is pretty much clueless about Cainite Society and the Sects. 
Sevrin NightShade, Clan Lasomba, She is a chaotic mystical upstart with a thirst for power and knowledge. 
 Yes i play 3 characters... its a long story on how i ended up with 3 characters during the short time i have been playing on Avalon... but i enjoy them too much to give them up.

For those of you who dont know about Avalon, its the site that inspired me to create Age of Darkness. [Click Link Above to Visit Avalon]
The ST DarkSTalker is really cool and all the players are really chill and nice. 
I have  met a lot cool people there who share my passion for the game on there.... and i hope some of  them will play on this site also. :D

This will be my 1st exuberance being a ST over the internet.
But As the world changes... so must we.
Just as modern Kindred have found that they have had to adapt to technology in this modern era.. so must i. 

Age of Darkness is a Forum based Post by reply Game, much like Avalon.
though the games progression should be a lot faster, for i have no life and can dedicate a great deal of time to playing on the site. So i'm almost always online. 

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