What is Vampire The Dark Ages?

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What is Vampire The Dark Ages? Empty What is Vampire The Dark Ages?

Post by The Dice God on Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:51 am

What is Vampire The Dark Ages? Da_wha11
What is Vampire The DarkAges?
Vampire: The Dark Ages is a role-playing game originally published by White Wolf Game Studio in 1996. Later, in 2002, the gameline was replaced by Dark Ages: Vampire. It is a Gothic Medieval Dice Roller RPG.

Other Books Include:
Like a Star @ heaven Dark Ages: Vampire 
Like a Star @ heaven Dark Ages: Werewolf 
Like a Star @ heaven Dark Ages: Mage 
Like a Star @ heaven Dark Ages: Inquisitor
Like a Star @ heaven Dark Ages: Fae 
Each contributing to the shared setting. Vampire: The Dark Ages is a spin-off from the Vampire: The Masquerade game, also published by White Wolf, the latter set in modern times. 

This Site primarily uses Dark Ages Vampire (core book)
What is Vampire The Dark Ages? 267611
With Inspiration from... 
What is Vampire The Dark Ages? White-11

What is Vampire The Dark Ages? Dabook10

Exclamation Now that being said.... The Story of Vampire Age of Darkness is Not Canon with the Vampire The Dark Ages, Or Dark Age Vampire... only the setting, some NPCs and system rules apply.
What is Vampire The Dark Ages? Div3510
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What is Vampire The Dark Ages? Empty Re: What is Vampire The Dark Ages?

Post by ST: Kat on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:50 pm

This part is very important, so PLEASE READ and pay attention to this.

What You Need to know
I run a very unorthodox game, I take from a lot of different sources within the world of Darkness universe. I have many books on Crossovers and have even had some influence from newer system to use to help create antagonists for the game.
I try to run a very fun and balanced game for all players. And this game is like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs but it always seems to stay on track.
Your character concept and character might not stay the way that you intended it to in the beginning of the game. This is a action adventure/ macabre horror game with many twists and turns and surprises around every corner. Be ready for anything,

What this game is not….
1st off. This is not a “Slice of Life” game where you create a character and you go about your daily life as the PC and expect that your PC will not be affected by the metaplot..

What this game is and what you can expect.
I run a Chronicle Style game very much like "Chicago by night", "New Orleans by night" or "the Succubus Club,"( if you unfamiliar with them, they are a little like modules much like in D&D) there is a start, middle and end to the story , all the PCs are thrown into this, just like the plots in NY by Night with the sleeping Tzimicse under the city and the Prince’s fall of power. Players still have the normal life going on of their character but are thrown into dealing with the fall of the Cam's hold on the city. Yes the PCs deal with there daily life, but are also very affected by the change of power and are forced to do something about it or have their lives taken away by the Sabbat.
This Story is much like this…
The events of the story will affect everyone, if you don't get involved, eventually there is no story, and no progression.

I have crafted the story with many avenues for players to explore and go down as they learn more about the things in the world that affects them, with the choices you make affect your PC’s life and the overall outcome of the Plot.

The world I have created is very expensive with many things to explore, and asset level of danger for each area and District.
This is a combat heavy game, Whether you're playing a Gangrel barbarian or a Toreador socialite you will face some sort of combat during your gameplay.
But let me make this very clear .... this game is NOT a meat grinder.
The characters that you create for the site well hopefully grow over time and can be used in future Chronicles all the way up to an Elders game.

Guilds, Quest and side missions are there to help your PC gain extra goodies to use in game to help them along the way and learn things that are taking place.
The events in the on going metaplot don't stop just 'cuz someone doesn't want to be involved. They will continue to affect EVERY ONE until the chapter ends and a new chapter starts.
The Story’s Chapters are designed to end at some point,  and a new chapter of the story will start.  Eventually after all the chapters are played out, those who survive will awaken in the Next Chronicle (if the player wants), and a new story will take place, in a new time/ era , new location, etc etc etc.
The full story will end in some dystopian future facing the fallout after the Apocalypse.
(But that's way way way down the road.)

If this concept does not interest you…
... this might not be the game for you. 

What we are looking for in players.
Things run a little differently in a post by post game like this some things will move faster than other things and vice versa. Many of these changes I have mapped out in the house rules for Age of Darkness.
(please take a minute and look them over when you can)
We are looking for players who can finish out a night in game (which usually last between three weeks to a month in real time) This means be online at least once every couple of days and posting regularly.
(Remember there is no game without you)
We are also looking for players who can give more than one word and single line responses. You will never get just a single line from any of the storytellers on this site we go out of our way to make a very complex response with using visual aids and paragraphs of descriptions we only ask that those who participate do the same to some degree.
(Show us some effort, it's worth extra exp Surprised )

Other then that.... Just have fun
If you are looking for a Progressive and Unorthodox VTM RPG experience, look no further .. AOD is the Game for you, join us today.

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