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Post by The Dice God on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:20 pm

3/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  Gargoy13
:ST1: Sorry Everyone.... Been a bit under the weather for the past few nights...
I'll be back in the swing of things really soon.
I ordered a few new books, ...
:blackorb: Freak Legion : A Players Guide to Fomori
:grayorb: Book of the Wyrm (1st addition)
:blackorb: Combat (World of Darkness Roleplaying Game)
:grayorb: World of Darkness: The Bygone Beastiary
:MGAR: :S: o expect some new monsters about and a new combat section. 
But as cool as fighting these enemies might sound, lets remember this is this is VTM, and the real threats can come from the mundane humans around you. 
Lets try to remember the Masquerade plz, and each section on the area map will have different levels of danger. 
Danger Lvls are measured from One Star (star full) to Skulls (:smskull:)

3/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  _free_243/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  _free_263/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  _free_25
:A: lso Im going to be going through the WoD armory and adding a armor and weapons section to the front page.. along with combat maneuvers.

:questblock: :N: ew quests will soon be added to the Ebon's Bounty Board and Guilds.

3/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  Map11 :A: lso there will be a new underground section added to the city that will be open to play in very soon.

3/29/17 • Sorry Guys...  Gangre11 :W: elcome AoD's 2ed ST Lo, he will be incharge of running some guild quests and other mini quests in our game. 

:Lgar:love this Much Love! ST Kat
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